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Save your hands

Ripped hands taking a few days off training is almost normal for alot of kettlebell athletes. Its very painful when you have to wash the babies 3-5 times a day and prepare meals for the family! Here's some tips to save your hands from kettlebell training.

CHALK UP..... in moderation. Too much, and it dries up the hands and cause friction. Choose your fight. 10 swings or long cycle will not warrant a lot of use for it. However you need a light layer for those timed snatch sets.

MASTER THE TECHNIQUE. Hold the handle of the kettlebell with your fingers. Cast the kettlebell away from your body in the downward swing so the handle moves from the palm to the fingers. This keeps the handle from rubbing onto your callouses at the base of your fingers.

GROOM your kettlebell hands. File your callouses after a warm shower. Be sure not to clear them all or else it will feel too raw and painful in the next training. Moisturize your hands at night when you sleep. May these tips help keep you off the sidelines and get you training regularly!

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