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Mexican Fisherman

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Have you heard of the Mexican fisherman tale? I never tire of this. Here, you can thank me later.

As I locked my gym doors for the last time in 2019, all the bittersweet experience and memories reminded me of my goal to be just like the Mexican fisherman. When I first started AlphaFit in 2011, I wanted to be just like the American in that tale.

Recently my midlife crisis brought me through a few attempts at other careers for example being a horse rider or a wakeboarder. Unfortunately, I do not enjoy taking more than I give.

No doubt through my experience of a fitness professional since working in a commercial gym in 2007 and through attending international kettlebell championships, I have met and helped so many people of which some came and went and some became like family.

I never felt more alive than when I am helping these individuals with their health and fitness through the Kettlebells. Somehow this giving process, with a "cast iron ball with a handle", energised me just like how mother nature revives me. Theres's something stoic about my connection with them.

So here I am again, I am back and I am ready to help more people. I do personal training at your place with your kettlebells and/or weights.

**(However be warned that I have very little or almost no patience for chronic whiners and flaky individuals. Life is too short for this!!)

So, do your research, watch my youtube channel , check out my social media pages and and then get in touch with me and lets talk about your goals!

Happy New Year, may 2020 bring us happiness and best of health!

Hayati Nuffus

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